the unseen world of Sapphire and friends

The Parvestia Project is an art project and webcomic about four young cat-like marsupial animals known as parvi that call themselves the "ParviFour". Their names are Sapphire, Jasper, Sunshine and Jinmao. Only Jasper is male so he feels weird around them.

Sapphire has a pet snailcat named Snoob that is training herself how to talk because she loves Saph so much that she wants to communicate with her.

Join the ParviFour as they explore the nooks and crannies of their hometown Naranock where anything can happen.

ParvestiaCom (the site) contains and archives all media and info relating to TPP as of late.

!!!this website has autoplaying music. Mute your browser if you do not like Amy's awesome music.

!!!this series has imagery and themes that might make some unconfortable. Watch your own steps.

Thank you for reading. And Parvecom awaits you.

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u ken change da world

Parvecom is best viewed on your local electrical processor with an OLED or QLED or even AMOLED screen

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